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The Honey Bee Dispensary
20+ Active English Honey.
Project info –
Label design for The Honey Bee Dispensary, featuring a typographic solution that sees the plus symbol integrated into the number 20, highlighting the products high ‘Total Activity’ rating of 20+.

The Honey Bee Dispensary’s honey is made by bees foraging nectars known to produce particularly ‘active’ honey, derived largely via natural enzymes in the pollen and nectar. The honey is independently laboratory tested to establish its ‘Total Activity’ rating of 20+.

The 20+ rating is similar to that of Manuka Honey and boasts rich antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It is widely believed to help support a healthy immune system and fend off colds and flu’s.
A flexible numbering system was explored to account for future batch ratings, subject to the results of the independent testing as these properties may fluctuate. Products can be purchased via THBD online shop.
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